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Shraddha updated 16 hours ago
ABB division attracts interest from industry buyers: sources. "Dodge is likely to carry a price tag of around $1.5 million, two people familiar with the industry told Reuters earlier, and could be the first of ABB’s business to be sold."... (More)
There are cataclysmic changes going on in the world around us; within society and corporations. But change doesn't happen in one big fell swoop. It takes time, and needs to start small. Here is an interesting perspective.
Vivek liked 7 months ago
doing my part to build a community of OEM leaders
Thank you Robert Gillette for your insights from STULZ days - your observations & approach are much more relevant today than it was every before. Loved this simple, yet effective line - Sometimes the answer is already in-house. Time to... (More)
DJ liked 7 months ago
Right now it is more important than ever to become your customers' most trusted partner. Here's a simple 3 step approach to doing it: 1. Understand which customers would need you the most right. You could segment based on product... (More)